Astrological research cancer.



During the period from August 2010 – February 2011 a healing-practice of Colour and Sound was held in Villa Kullaberg in Humlebaek. Overall we did 1000 sessions, registered 700 in our database and focused on 38 clients in particular. A research was done after looking in detail on these horoscopes based on esoteric astrology (as is based on the teachings from Master DK, from the book Esoteric Astrology published by Lucis Publishing first edition 1951) which were made for 38 cancer patients, most of them female (because they participated in this research-project) aged from 35 – 75 years. About 50% came from Scandinavia, the other 50% from countries all over the world (Greece, England, Ireland, Spain, Somalia, Latvia, Estonia, Canada, USA, South Africa, Malaysia, Israel, Malta, Serbia, Germany, Venezuela and many others). The majority of them had cancer in an advanced stage of development (phase 3-5). Just a few of them had cancer “dormant” and not yet physically manifested. A relatively small group was expected to pass over on short term. This group of 38 underwent 400 treatments at our clinic for colour & sound therapy combined with magnetic and spiritual healing.

Method of research

Because we noticed that a relatively large percentage of clients were born under the sign of Sagittarius, were strongly influenced by or had Sagittarius rising, we asked ourselves if we could identify pronounced similarities and/or correspondences between the horoscopes of this group. So, we searched to answer the next questions:

1. What are the birth signs and the rising signs of the clients? Are some signs more or less represented than average?

2. If there are some indicating planets: in what signs are the planets of Saturn (Lord of Karma or Opportunity, transmitting ray 3), Mars (God of War, transmitting ray 6), Pluto (the Healer of the personality, transmitting ray 1) and the Moon (Ruler of the human form-nature transmitting ray 4 or a reveiled planet like Vulcanus ray 1) to be found?

3. If squares accentuate our form-nature, our materiality: are squares of planets present? Which planets are eventually dominantly present?

4. What are the conclusions?

5. Can they be explained?

6. What suggestions can be given, when we review our experiences with about 100 clients (of which only 38 were included in the first rough selection on horoscopes, because the 'exact times' of birth were not known)? The explanations and suggestions must be seen in that context.

To answer some question in the selected group of 38:

Question 1 – Are some signs dominantly present?

11 clients did not know their time of birth for 100% sure, so, only the rising sign of 27 people was known, and the birth sign of 38 people. Thus, the total of birth- and rising signs known was 65 signs. Because there are 12 signs of the zodiac, we could expect an average presence of 5 – 6 hits for each sign. The results for the 65 known zodiacal signs were:
Sagittarius: 12 times present. Leo: 7. Virgo: 7. Taurus: 6. Scorpio, Libra, Gemini and Aries 5. The other signs were between 1 - 4.

Conclusion I: The signs of Sagittarius, Leo and Virgo are present above average.

Question 2 – In which signs are Saturn, Mars, the Moon and Pluto dominantly present?

Any of these planets could expected to be present about 3 times in each zodiacal sign, because there are 12 signs and 38 clients.
• Saturn was 6 times present in Scorpio, 5 in Sagittarius, Taurus and Leo. In the other signs the score was low.
• Mars was 6 times present in Libra and 5 in Taurus, Leo and Virgo. In the other signs the score was low.
• Pluto was 21 times present in Leo, 12 in Virgo. This may be misleading, because the clients were aged from 35 – 75, during the period that Pluto, a far off planet, was moving through Leo and Virgo only. But, when we exclude Pluto, it is a fact that these signs of Leo and Virgo are yet well present in the birth signs and the rising signs of cancer clients! So, the influence of Pluto related to cancer is clearly present here in Leo and Virgo. He heals the personality at the cost of the physical body.
• The Moon was 8 times present in Capricorn, 5 in Virgo and Sagittarius, with Taurus at 4.
If we exclude Pluto (recognising his influence in Leo and Virgo) we can summarise the number of highest “hits”:

Sign Presence in birth + rising sign Presence Saturn Presence Mars Presence Moon Total hits


12 5 4 5 26
Leo 7 5 5 3 20
Taurus 6 5 5 4 20
Virgo 7 1 5 5 18
Scorpio 5 6 2 3 16
Libra 5 2 6 3 16


4 1 1 8 14

Sagittarius is the sign most prone to the disease of cancer.
The signs of Pisces (8), Aries (10), Cancer (10), Gemini (10) and Aquarius (11) the least.

If we include Pluto we would have:

Sign Presence in birth + rising sign Presence Saturn Presence Mars Presence Moon Presence Pluto  Total hits
Leo 7 5 5 3 21 41
Virgo 7 1 5 5 12 30


12 5 4 5 - 26
Taurus 6 5 5 4 - 20

Conclusion II: In both cases, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius and Taurus are dominant in the horoscopes of clients with cancer. And people must be alert as well, when the Moon is in Capricorn.

Question 3 - Squares

In 15 horoscopes out of 38, four planets formed squares, which is about 40 percent.
In the squares, the terrestrial planets in the central part of the solar system were under-presented; such as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, the Moon and Mars. The outer gaseous planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Chiron were over-presented. In many cases, a non-sacred planet in the square was opposed by a sacred planet.

Conclusion III: It might well be possible that the sacred planets have a beneficent or spiritual healing influence upon the higher form-aspects of human beings, at the cost of the lower or physical form-aspect. .

Question 4 – General conclusions

Conclusion(s) IV:

• Overall no sign in the zodiac is free from the potential disease of cancer, but there are great differences in giving the conclusion on the cause related to a specific sign.

• Sagittarius, Leo, Virgo and Taurus are dominantly present as birth sign or rising sign in the horoscopes of the 38-group. The same four signs are dominantly present, when looking for the positions of Saturn, Mars, Pluto and the Moon in these signs.

• The disease is clearly less present in Pisces (8), Aries (10), Gemini (10), Cancer (10) and Aquarius (11).

• The sign of Cancer is relatively free from the disease of cancer.

Question 5 – Explanations

Sagittarius and Virgo both express the now withdrawing energy of Ray 6 of Devotion and Idealism, also related to the astral plane, (the emotional body) and to the solar plexus centre in the etheric body. The cosmic withdrawing of this energy may be an astrological cause for cancer here.
Taurus is, in its lower expression, related to desires of many kinds. Desires are related to the emotional life and thus can be related to Ray 6 and to cancer, where emotions, in extreme cases, are rampant or suppressed. Ray 4 of Harmony through Conflict ruling Taurus may be supportive to the process.
In the case of Leo, there may be a deep conflict between the self-conscious Leonian personality and Pluto, the healer of the personality (as seen from the soul’s perspective), who draws all that is imperfect in the personality to the surface, in order to help the soul to come into contact with its personality and gradually coming into control.

The influence of Pluto may be clearer, when we realise that Pluto, in average man, is related to the solar plexus or emotional centre of the astral body. Because the major cause of cancer is found in the emotional nature, Pluto’s important part in the physical healing aspect of cancer becomes clear.
The same can be said of the planet Mars, ruling the solar plexus centre in the etheric body of average man.

The Moon is said to rule the centre of the para-thyroids, present in the astral body of average man, and could well be related to cancers in the breast area.
The Earth is related to the spleen centre of etheric vitality. A vitality, greatly lacking in those who have a developed state of cancer.

It might well be the case that all these non-sacred planets are related to cancer, in an attempt to bring the lower bodies of man onto a higher level of vibration, so that the centres in the body of man become sensitive to the higher vibrations or under influence of the sacred planets. The process of transformation is in many cases related to the disease of cancer. During that process, the influence of Pluto, ray 1 is replaced by Vulcan, ray 1; Mars ray 6 is replaced by Neptune ray 6, the Moon ray 4 is replaced by mercury ray 4 and the Earth ray 3 is replaced by Saturn ray 3.

Question 6 – Suggestions

Those with cancer diagnosed, those who have the above signs accentuated in their horoscope as indicated above, and (also) all those, who still may be healthy, would be wise, to observe their lifestyle objectively, examine their environment of risk factors.

Those with (rather) strong emotions – intensely expressed or even inhibited – and those who suffer emotional shocks and traumas are prone to cancer, as far as the psychological causes of cancer are concerned.

Those who think, feel, speak and work constantly, have a risk for cancer.

Those who participate in an emotionally unhealthy relationship or environment run the same risk.

Burn-outs, constant stress, fast food, disturbing the day-night biological rhythm, smoking and drinking, polluted air, excessive sunbathing, the presence of cancer in the family’s DNA – all these are factors that contribute to the physical appearance of cancer.

However, we can do much to prevent, to cure or to ameliorate it. And we still can do a lot, when we meet with a diagnosis of cancer. Try to transform or at least to weaken the psychological causes (like certain habits in the emotional nature) of cancer in your own psyche and avoid the cancerous influences in your environment, your lifestyle and food habits. Foster a preventive, healthy lifestyle – as a preventive medicine.

Even if you have cancer developed, you may prolong your life for many years, trying to eliminate some of the causes that are hidden behind it. Hidden, because doctors and clients focus upon the outer physical aspect of cancer (only) and (generally) do not attend to the inner causes.

Cancer is a psychological healing process, working out in the physical body – as a temporary learning device for the eternal soul. Cancer is a process of presenting an opportunity for inner growth of consciousness. Do not emotionally fight the disease by focussing upon the disease (it will be encouraged by that force). Then you feed the cancer cells with the energy of your concentrated attention. That makes the cancer-cells grow stronger. Identify, select and eliminate the causes of cancer in your life by doing the opposite. Strengthen the majority of healthy cells in you, on physical, emotional and mental levels. And know, that outer cancer means inner healing. As a preparation for this lifetime or the next.