Discipleship & Service

A disciple simply described - Aims of the disciple - Continuity of vision
The disciple as a server - Discipleship and ray-expressions
What is a disciple 

Disciples in every nation need immediate guidance and training in the life of correct aspiration,
with their subsequent preparation for initiation.

Men have claimed the rights of discipleship and the powers of initiation before they have even become integrated persons. This has led to disaster, and the falling into disrepute of the whole problem of discipleship and initiation.  


Today disciples are learning that a fused and organised and blended plan or scheme of world-wide service is required, and that a master Plan of the Hierarchy must be carried out, and that into this Plan all disciples, including you, must endeavour to fit.


Our tasks

One of the tasks of the Academy of Wisdom Teaching Europe is to bring in the illuminating light of a Group Soul to correctly interpret the inner meaning of planetary events and the present circumstances of the world. The enhancement of the soul's group light will therefore enable us to interpret with illumined minds the significance of planetary events, relate the past and the future, the old and the new, in light of the present.

Our second task is to use our spiritual intuition to reveal wider our group vision and responsibilities. Through spreading light and illumination on all world problems this light will enable us to open the gateway to the intuitive ideas, the new world religion and culture of a new aquarian civilization. The solution of the many problems of the world is in our hands coeval with a great breadth of vision and freedom from the taint of national, racial or religious or personal bias.

When our search for the true causes and meaning of the present world crises that we seek to fathom begins to parallel with our love of humanity we will enter upon a new cycle of potent spiritual life. Our understanding of this process is perhaps, as yet still too academic, based upon what we have read from or heard from our Teachers, and so lacks depth.

True understanding involves identification with humanity knowing that the very heart and soul of humanity is at stake.

Our theories, our ideals, our fixed beliefs often times may come between us and humanity as a whole, and the good of the form side of life looms unduly large in our attitude to selfless world service.

Aquarian vision

One of our Aquarian group objectives is the combination of a trained mind and an awakened heart both held in correct relationship. It is this interrelationship of the trained mind and the awakened heart that constitutes the true Aquarian burning ground.

Many of us are still under the glamour of Aquarian idealism, ready to sacrifice the spirit of Love in order to preserve the outer form of our ideal. We seem to hold in question the deep esoteric truth that all ideals as they are currently formulated must be released because we are entering into a new age wherein all things will become new.

Much that is generally regarded as harmless in the group life is definitely harmful in its effects. Spiritual ideals often feed pride and stubbornness and engender a separatist superiority; they can result in impractical attitudes and counter-productive activities. The ideals we hold, frequently serve only in our limited field conditioned by our chosen work and colored by our personal idealism. Focusing on our ideals we automatically exclude the Whole, cut ourselves off and think in terms of the past and along the lines of our own spiritual desires and wishes. We need to attempt to express a real understanding of any opposing idealism and make the real attempt to comprehend its basis. Our emphasis upon our own ideals (even in our own consciousness when not imposed upon others) prevents loving understanding, for we are so busy upholding them and defending them that the larger human issues at perilous stake at the present moment escape our attention.

When we have discovered in ourselves a deep soul love for humanity - inclusive, sane and practical - we can safely relinquish all ideals. For ideals are formulations of the human mind. Hierarchy holds no ideals, but is simply the channel for pure Love-Wisdom. Where love and applied wisdom exists there is no danger of cruelty, harshness, misunderstanding, harmfulness or evasion of what is.

We must not settle down within the limits of our own beliefs no matter how attractive, for then we become a preacher or theologian and immediately our usefulness evaporates except within the intimate circle of our group of fellow disciples. If our attitude remains the same as time goes on, further crystallization will take place. A "crystal barrier" will be established between our personality and our soul. We will remain in deep connection with our soul, however its influence will be insulated, and because the vision of the soul still persists we will remain deeply dissatisfied. This crystallization will eventually affect all aspects of our personality nature. One thing only will prevent this: loving understanding and a consequent sacrifice of the life to humanity as a whole. The greatest good of the greatest number is one of our life themes. Can we grasp this great Aquarian vision and release all else? Let us ponder on this for it will teach us much of value if we rightly grasp the implications.

Advanced discipleship and the Will of Shamballa

Discipleship bestows upon us the capacity to be impressed from on high and to be illumined by the light of the soul. Our task is to bring light to darkened souls and become natural healers of the world's distress. Our task is to be instrumental in lifting salvaged souls up the ladder of evolution, and become a clear group channel for the purpose and light of the Plan. Let us further learn to use the power of choice in the realm of ideas to perfect the application of truth, thus enabling the intelligent and wise expression of the true nature of the idea of the Plan of evolution on the physical plane. The battleground of the Aquarian group disciple is the mental plane.

It is through the right use of our mind and the correct understanding of the nature of the intellect that we will finally enter into the full light of the Hierarchy and know that all is moving forward as planned, and that the objectives of not only our life-purpose but the Will of Shamballa are steadily being worked out.

On the mental plane we have come to a deep appreciation of contrasts and experiences fruition and soon hopefully will know the joy of peace after victory. The fruits of achievement will be sweet after the accumulated karma of humanity for many ages has been exhausted.

Our discipleship enables us to register and record divine Purpose, to transmit and materialize the subjective realization into the phenomenal form. The consciousness of the Hierarchy is fostered as we do this and we become the instrument and medium of the White Lodge expression. We must work on our inner alignment and strive now for it to be perfect and unbroken directly through to physical plane awareness. More advanced disciples have attained abiding peace and remain continually open to hierarchial impression and disciples in training are still learning the nature of responsiveness.

The Science of Impression must therefor be carefully studied and progress shown before we can stand initiate.

As a group disciple we will be unable to become static or to rest. We have to develop the capacity to make constant adjustment to new conditions, learning to function continually in a field of change.

Our true group usefulness depends upon our ability to achieve a constant inner growth through progressive realization, and upon the consequent increase in our capacity to meet all who seek our aid in a spirit of love, free from personal criticism. This capacity for non-judgmental loving service is a sterling virtue of the advanced disciple. Community and group relationships are tried and tested and become strengthened, and a sense of deep companionship is achieved. We must learn to speak truth to ourselves and so have no need to erect divisive walls or barriers against other people. Each of us feel that we do know somewhat of the nature of a true Aquarian, but must still learn to be a channel of the love-wisdom of the soul and of the group.

Groupwork and service

Our sphere of group work and our field of service are becoming clear and there we are both needed and useful. The keynote of our daily work on the physical plane is loving understanding, while the keynote of our work on all three planes is the tone of love-wisdom, harmony and peace coloring all our life. We should bear this most carefully in mind and cultivate the higher or group effort assiduously and earnestly, for it is through this idealism that our entire personality life expression can arrive at the needed balance and recognition. We must ponder and begin to master the question of spheres of influence. It is closely related to the problem of the aura and its esoteric circumference.

It concerns the 'sound' of our group life and the nature and quality of the radiations that emanate from the "place where we stand."

It is connected with the whole theme of our orientation and of spiritual location, and with the magnetic effects of the at-one-ing of the blending soul and personality. The problem of radiation and of magnetic influence is apt to be viewed from a one-sided perspective - as the result of our radiation and our magnetism upon those we contact.

However we must understand that radiation and magnetism lie - inevitably and inescapably - behind the entire theme of karma and dharma. They draw to us that which can hinder as well as aid. Our group aura, which is a combination of radiations, energies and arranged forces, of many group members can repel the good or attract the bad, as well as vice versa. Thus through the contacts made and the relationships set up within our group and other groups it determines the trend of our life and is one of the main factors determining the life choices of service presented to our group.

We now possess a greater sense of inner certitude and assurance, particularly in regard to our alignment with the Will-to-Good pouring through the now heightened Monadic vibration of the Ashram and this assurance is not only the goal but the fruit and flower of our common spiritual endeavor.

The group Life and responsibility

Let all changes take place in our group life as the result of right decision based in its turn on a true soul orientation and dedication to the Hierarchy. Group decisions must not be made as a result of any outer influence but upon what offers itself to us as spiritual opportunity. Our group decisions must reflect no relinquishment of soul rights and obligations. To make further united progress as a group we have asked ourselves what we can do of a practical nature to play our part as an Aquarian groupdisciple in cooperation with other World Servers to alleviate the sorrow, distress and unhappiness of humanity. We have asked how practically we can apply our time, thought and effort to meeting the physical and emotional needs of those around us and spread the Teachings.

In doing so we need to avoid the temptation to evade the spiritual issues, no matter how terrible, of our life, times and generation. We can’t permit ourselves to find in our daily tasks, personal views, ideals and karmic responsibilities a type of satisfaction with our emotional reactions that is actually a way of escaping direct and practical action for the betterment, no matter what the cost, of humanity. Let us not employ a forced preoccupation with our own concerns, thoughts and ideas as an excuse not to think about the real world issues and so to subconsciously evade action and responsibility. Let us endeavor to take a constructive interest in the global situations and planetary perspectives of all people and devise ways to help them end their suffering and improve their lives.

As responsible World Servers we are sensitive to the spiritual needs of suffering humanity. So let us strive to be untrammeled by spiritual selfish desire and always meet just obligations, shoulder responsibilities and carry the group work forward. Our group intention is to act in the highest possible manner without bias of any personal considerations. The objective of all our past training is the perfect performance of hierarchical duty and our times demand it.

A hierarchical Decision

Through "a Decision of Members of the Hierarchy" in the past 49-year festival in 2001, some of the Initiates have precipitated an energy causing the present global human and hierarchial crisis through their attainment of the 6th Initiation. This "decision" energy is mainly ruled by Ray Two and conditions the entire Hierarchy, but the "principle of conflict" is ruled by the third ray - the ray the Initiates use, wield and master at the 6th initiation. It is because of this decision that we free ourselves of personal and mental distortions, individual limitations and past imprisonments. A wide range of group contacts are opening up and the group will continue to grow and reach out even as it is now so doing. We will move forward rapidly if we depend upon common sense and sound use of the higher (abstract) mind, and pay less attention to our personal views and perhaps spiritual ambitions.

Our third task is to wisely understand this Decision and use humanities suffering and pain as opportunities to make right choices based on higher spiritual values and true discrimination. Through the use of pain along with its attendant or subsequent process of analysis aided by memory, humanity learns what to avoid and what to cultivate. We need not to forget that the necessary methods of individual, group and collective human purification are applied through free choice, wise response and correct decision. We learn from our mistakes, failures and misguided views and thereby our life is enriched. In time the choices between our individual benefit group and collective responsibility will be made correctly. Let us ever strive to destroy all that hinders the free expression of the human soul without relinquishment of true values.

It is imperative that we develop an ability to move forward without regrets upon the basis of group-decisions. All tendencies to vacillation will be overcome as we gain a clear knowledge and identification of the goal and purpose of the Masters Decision made in this special 49-year cycle (2001-2050) and, thus set in activity those steps which when carried forward in the correct order will admit us to participate in their Divine Will-to-Good. It is through the path of endeavor and loneliness that we have been led to active discipleship. The successful World Server has the capacity to stand alone, to assume responsibility and to carry tasks through single-handed, braving evil for the sake of the good achieved. With eyes open to world need we are forced to count the cost of occult training and the treading of the Path. Let us, as a group, ready and dedicate ourselves for a new effort, re-orienting our personality forces and preparing for a fresh and powerful impulse from the Great Ashram of the Hierarchy.

Dynamic soul motive and the saving force of Shamballa

A positive spiritual conditioning must be implemented to bring about those fundamental changes, rearrangements and adjustments that will enable our group soul to come into a dynamic physical expression. This entails the reorganization of our group astral and psychic life to eliminate all excess. We will encounter many difficulties in this work, so watch with care, maintaining an inner serenity and peace as well as that mental pliability in order to wisely participate in the group life and guard and guide humanity. Purity of motive is essential. Inner silence, balance and poise must be achieved, in each of us before a state of true group equilibrium can be attained.

We work and strive, but it is our inner poise and stability that holds us to the vision. When faced with choice we must take right action. Moral and spiritual conflicts of value are only resolved with the most sensitive and accurate spiritual perception.

Our task is to confirm and consolidate the gains of previous group experiences and open the door to the release of the energy of the Will-to-Good, the "saving force" of Shamballa.

This is a difficult and challenging group process, but it will eventually work itself out and it will result in the natural establishment of right human relations. All forms of fear, doubt and worry concerning the ultimate good of the Plan of Evolution must be eliminated before we can stand confident in full service to humanity. Be aware of what dire consequences the future may hold if we are not successful. Let us not entertain doubts as to the outcome of our redemptive efforts to live the spiritual group life.

The Ashram will help us stand steady, as we strive to permit no thoughts of hatred and fear to enter our minds. States of depression work against the Plan and offer a major hindrance to the expression of our soul. Stand firmly for good. Seek only the good in all group and family relationships. There is great potency in love rightly expressed and this is the only factor that can counteract pain, anger and hate. We dare not allow ourselves to become negative and receptive to any dark, evil or undesirable element that might prevent the achievement our outer service in the world. Conviction of thought and certitude of knowledge are the rewards. Let us gain control over our mental processes to inhibit certain thoughts and certain lines of thinking. This ensures that we do not scatter our forces, but focus on the right line of service activity. We truly know beyond all shadow of doubt that the path that leads straight to the soul is found in obedience to the next duty and in adherence to the highest form of Truth and its Life within.

Our fourth task is to achieve a living purity, regulate our thoughts and develop the capacity to weigh evidence wisely. Let us only accept that which is compatible with our highest spiritual instinct. Temporary inconvenience and pain, like the dark clouds that pass fleetingly before the Sun, must no longer be permitted to blot out the quality of joyfulness or in any way interrupt the path of further spiritual revelation. A real soul beauty has the possibility of flowering in our Aquarian Group Life, bringing its own responsibilities, engendering its own magnetic field, bringing to us those whom we can serve. This will automatically also evoke greater group responsibility. This responsibility will definitely extend our field of service in such a way that will suffice to lead us through the open door of hierarchical service to humanity.

Visualisation in service

Visualisation is in reality the etheric externalisation of the creative imagination.

This statement applies to aspects of the spiritual life and service other than healing alone. All progress on the Path of Discipleship depends upon the ability to externalise and materialise what we know, intuit and experience subjectively, and what we essentially are as a unit of divine life. This is the key factor in the process of initiation where the first three initiations are concerned.

The creative imagination functions on manasic, buddhic and atmic levels; the actual sphere of spiritual creativity.

It externalises through the etheric plane to become manifest physically as the mind “out-pictures” what the creative imagination has magnetically attracted to itself. This is embodied in all creative work accepted by the disciple in training for initiation.

The use of the visualising faculty and of the creative imagination, plus a sense of deep and steadfast love, will keep the mind and the will in abeyance.

There is also need with certain aspects of spiritual service to “keep the mind and the will in abeyance.” This is particularly the case in working with individuals. Neither the will nor the mind should be allowed to impose or reject their energies into a relationship or a situation where an individual requires the inspiration and stimulation of a state of consciousness more inclusive than his own. The need here is for the “love of the heart”; that quality of loving understanding, which touches and releases the intelligence, the love and the will of the soul within the personality of another. The creative imagination generates the needed evocative pull on the highest available energies. The faculty of visualisation attracts those energies through the etheric vehicle for the purposes of manifestation; and “deep and steadfast love” ensures that the energies are transmitted in a way, which provides for maximum benefit and effect.

The same process can be translated into all different aspects of service and all aspects of spiritual development.