Contributions and financial donations


If you are willing to support the Work you can financially contribute through the World Round Table Foundation, supporting educational, cultural and social (NGO)projects.

The World Round Table Foundation has also the aim of further anchoring the Wisdom Teaching in Eastern and Western social, educational and cultural traditions.  

The Foundation is the external educational, social, philanthropic and legal vehicle of the Academy of Wisdom Teaching Europe - which is its public name.

The purpose of the Foundation and its projects is to educate, to seek, fuse, blend, serve and offer the freedom to discover, share and express the Wisdom Teaching by its livingness. 

 The Foundation and its projects as the Academy and schools tries to reach that objective by, amongst other things, participating in public programs and (social) media, gatherings, conferences, lectures, seminars, webinars and by publishing e-books and readers.  

So far we have initiated, facilitated and/or supported individuals and groups (voluntary servers) within Europe (The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Bulgaria and France). In the North-Americas, Canada (British Columbia), the USA (New York, Colorado and California). In Australia (Melbourne), Kathmandu (Nepal) and in South Africa.

 The Foundation does not receive any government grants.  

The Foundation is also ackowledged by the Dutch tax-legislation as a philanthropic and educational Foundation working for the General Good (ANBI registered from 01-01-2013 and evaluated in 2016 by the Ministery of Finance from the Dutch government). 

All activities of the World Round Table Foundation - also initiated by its boardmembers - are carried out on voluntary basis. Only expenses are being payed for retreats, gatherings, seminars, conferences etc.

Donations are tax-deductable and are sincerely appreciated. The academy is the major educational project of the World Round Table Foundation (founded in april 1993):

ING Bank account:
IBAN: NL23INGB0003062381

address to: St. Wereld Ronde Tafel (World Round Table Foundation), Almen (Netherlands).

RSIN/taxes and administration number: 8045 69 290 (The Netherlands)

Paypal account email-contact:



Boardmembers World Round Table Foundation:

President - Klaas Hoekstra - The Netherlands

Secretary/deputy Steven van Kervel - The Netherlands

Treasurer - Odilia van Mulken - The Netherlands


Associates of the Academy of Wisdom Teaching EU:

Magdalena Gerova - Bulgaria

Zackary F. Lansdown - USA

Theresa Laehn-Mc Donald - USA

Bernard Schnoering - France

Odilia Hoekstra - van Mulken - The Netherlands

Steven van Kervel - The Netherlands

Josette Lesieur - France

Helen Handsjuk - Australia

Birgitta Svahnström - Finland

Klaas Hoekstra - The Netherlands




Netherlands (NL)


Activity report and financial report 2019 will soon be avaiable for downloading.

For further detailed information of the activities Foundation, please email us:


After the donation is done, you will be directed to the CONTACT webpage. 

Please let us know if you want to be kept informed by email; would you be so kind to fill in your personal information (name. address etc.) on our Contact page.