Esoteric Philosophy

L. Cedercrans - Wisdom Teaching & Luminous writing

"How to Arrive at Conscious Soul At-one-ment. If each one of you, when looking at another individual, could retire within yourselves, into the inner reality of you—that which is love, that which is perfect understanding, that which knows compassion and does not base its perceptions upon the outer world of things or objects or likes and dislikes—and if from that center, you could look into the other—past all of the outer superficial coverings, into the inner reality—then there would be Soul at-one-ment. It would register consciously."      



 "You can’t put your finger on any one activity and say this is a wrong activity and this is a right activity for disciples. That isn’t true, because it depends upon where the disciple finds himself in relationship to the One Life," , Lucille Cedercrans. 



Esoteric Philosophy & Teaching - Lucis Trust

"Now the preparatory work in the 20th century has been done and has proved effective; it will be continued for those who need its aid, but the more advanced work can be made exoteric. This planned externalising of the Teaching must go on all the time. It is the testimony of the Hierarchy that the points of crisis in the evolutionary process have accomplished their intent and have demonstrated success. These points of crisis are ever succeeded by "points of revelation" and it is with such points of revelation that we are at this time occupied", Master D.K.


Agni Yoga Philosophy & Teaching

"Follow Our Teachings with your heart. Strive and you will perceive the light. I will point out the way — the heart will understand Our Token. Behold! The Teachers will reveal a lyre, and miraculously its power will endow you with the gift of enchantment. Behold the bliss sent unto you. Dedication is the requisite of those who strive on the path of ascent. Those who with a full heart fulfill Our requests will attune their ears to the harmony of the Universe. By bringing happiness unto you We show Our Trust in your striving towards Good. Truth is with you — be ready to receive it";

"The Agni Yogi must melt the old residue in the consciousness and direct humanity to new consciousness,"

Master Morya.

Esoteric Philosophy & Teaching - Theosophy Trust

Theosophy implies: Divine Wisdom or Knowledge. 

Its axioma: "There is no religion higher than Truth". 

There are three fundamental propositions: 

"The first envisions an Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless and immutable Principle - One Absolute Reality which antecedes all manifested, conditioned Being; 

The second affirms the absolute universality of the Law of Periodicity. This Periodicity is the regular repetition of patterns, characterising the orderliness of the universe; 

The third affirms the fundamental Identity of all Souls with the Universal Oversoul."