Science of Synthesis

Science of Identification

Carrying a Synthesis of One, Two, and Seven is much different from carrying either a combination of the three or of one or two of the energies. You will find that the characteristics and qualities of each of these energies, while they are basically present within the Synthesis, are nonetheless in themselves, as basic characteristics, recondite to and productive of a new and different characteristic and quality which is that of the Synthesis itself. To even approach an understanding of the Synthesis, it is necessary for you to bring into your own consciousness as much as you already know of these three rays and from that knowledge to move up in frequency to the Second Cosmic Ray of Divine Love Wisdom, or Pure Reason, of which these three are subsidiary. For it is only through an understanding, at least in part, of Pure Reason— to which these three are subsidiary—that the Synthesis of them can be approached in understanding. Master R.


It sounds like a redundancy to speak of union through synthesis, but it is not so. It is union through identification with the whole - not union through realisation or through vision. Mark well this distinction, for it holds the secret of the next step for the personalities of the race. The key or the secret of identification lies in the custody of a few in an integrating group of mystics and knowers and will be brought out into manifestation in the furnace of their individual experience and thus given to the world. Master DK 

We can wonder if this is the right time for the Yoga of Synthesis to enter our planetary life. Is Humanity's Identification with the Whole a necessary prerequisite for the next stage of our Planetary evolution to occur? As we begin to enter the Aquarian Age, which brings with it Universal Consciousness and the great Seventh Ray, which relates Spirit and Matter, we must be ready to cooperate with these new incoming energies. Each Yoga established on Earth comes at just the right time in accord with the Purposes and plans of Shamballa and when enough disciples are present on earth to be able to learn to use and share the new energy.

The energy of Shamballa is simplicity itself. As we explore group use of this Shamballa force, we know it has to do with Divine Purpose. Shamballa knows that this planet and all that is on it is part of the form manifestation of a great Cosmic Life. Before it can be the recipient of that LIFE, the planetary substance - including humanity - must be redeemed and purified to eventually become both recipient and distributor of that energy throughout the solar system and beyond.

We might surmise that the Earth's Purpose is eventual Union with that which lies above (first the Sun-Solar Logos, then later the Cosmic Logos) so that eventually the Life* of All that IS or the Living Presence of Divinity can pour through all three Logoi and synthesize the Three into One and One into Three: Monad, Soul and Personality, or Spirit, Consciousness and Form. “As above, so below." All are engaged in the same process. 


*The term Life is here used as H. P. Blavatsky used it, as that which synthesizes spirit, soul and body. (See The Secret Doctrine, I. 81). It is in reality that fourth something which hovers behind all manifestation and behind all objects, all qualified expressions of divinity and which is hinted at in the Bhagavad Gita in the words: "Having pervaded this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." It is the Living Presence of Divinity which contains all within it, space, self and substance.

So the question for all of us who wish to cooperate with the evolutionary process might be: just what is it that this Life wants us to do? How are we in a practical way to cooperate with this larger Purpose?

We know that even an exalted Life such as the One About Whom Naught May Be Said or the Cosmic Logos our solar system and planet are connected with, is a center within this Fourth Something, so it matters not whether we call it the Living Presence, or God or LIFE, as long as we know we are talking about the same thing.

Language can act as a barrier to truth. For example, the term God might mean different things to different people. For some it means a personal God, for others it refers to our Planetary Logos, or the Solar Logos, and for some the Cosmic Parabrahman, and finally some of us might mean That which lies behind it All. But our different terms act as no barrier as long as we all know we are talking about the same thing, only calling it by different names. Use of a universal language in the Aquarian Age will greatly help us all to do our part in creating a synthetic expression that all of humanity will understand.

And pondering our part in the Whole, brings us a fascinating meditation to wonder if not just our Planetary Logos, but the Solar Logos and Cosmic Logos as well are waiting on us to help prepare the form or densest part of the personality nature of that Cosmic Logos. We are told that Sanat Kumara, is the sole repository of what might be called the personality of this great Cosmic Life and further that the vehicle of manifestation of Sanat Kumara includes Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. We are therefore part of the vehicle of manifestation of Sanat Kumara, the One who is the sole repository of the personality (mind, emotions and form) of this Cosmic Logos, and thus certainly part of at least the densest aspect of the form of the Cosmic Logos. That is why we are a vital component of the planetary life, and how we can be used to develop a station of light serving not only the planet and our solar system, but the seven systems of which ours is one.

The Cosmic Monad and Shamballa as the holder of the vision

This Cosmic Monad, the One About Whom Naught May Be Said is working through His Heart Centre (or some part of His Heart Center) - our Sun, and through Sanat Kumara the Lord of the World and His body of manifestation, which includes us, to express part of His cosmic nature all the way down into the densest form.

Perhaps this sheds greater light on the statement that When it is realised that our planetary purpose is mysteriously related to the revelation of love upon our little planet, the Earth, through the process of creation, the concept emerges that there is the probability that our planet has a unique relation to the Heart of the Sun.

Shamballa is the holder of the Vision for the redemption of substance on Earth. But, Shamballa needs the planetary constitution to bring this vision to fruition. Even though it takes ages for that Vision to come to fruition, and is subject to much distortion as it filters downward. Without the filters stepping down the energy from on high into the lower worlds, planetary life could not evolve.

The filters, of course, are not just on our planet, but are all the Great Lives that act as conduits in the Chain of Existences that stem all the way from the One Life down into and through vast cosmic lives, our solar system, Shamballa, Hierarchy, and Humanity, thence down into each of the lower Kingdoms of Nature on Earth. The Whole Creation will eventually become imbued with Living Light.

To fulfill the Purpose of Shamballa is the intention of all Ashrams

The intention to fulfill the Purpose of Shamballa is the intention of all Ashrams, and is implemented to some degree or other, consciously or unconsciously by groups of disciples connected with those Ashrams - none of whom are on exactly the same step of the path all at the same time. At the Third Initiation we are told the initiate (although having touched into monadic consciousness), "walks in the Glory of creative undertakings". We can remind ourselves that even Masters who are in charge of Ashrams are involved in the great activity of the lower three worlds. In other words, service in the three worlds continues for a very long time.

So, although pure monadic energy or consciousness - Spirit - works ever behind the scenes, it acts as a holder of the vision and stimulates the vision in others. There may be those in any group who perform such a function, at least in part. There are also almost certainly those who will appropriate that vision and begin to implement it into their various service projects and manifest it out into the world.

All are needed and all who are conscious of what they are doing and why they are doing it, are working with the Life aspect or Living Presence of Divinity in some degree or other.

Whatever our individual duties may be in whatever field, it might be beneficial to include and emphasize The Synthesis of Being. It would so adjust the thinking on every level in present time that it would eventually be built into the mental and astral substance as building blocks of existence, well before the higher experiences of identification take place.

Synthesis encourages the co-operation among nations

Synthesis of Being helps us learn how to use the energy of Spirit to at-one the pairs of opposites and bring this skill and at-one-ment more fully into the world.

As the vision of the Real of the essential unity underlying all creation is held before all who can recognize it, we can then share this truth among humanity. This sharing of the REAL would include that which helps to usher in the new civilization, helping to dissipate the Great Illusion of manmade thoughts and to assist the mass consciousness of humanity toward greater recognition of our cosmic connections; knowledge that the evolutionary process is one of both form and consciousness; and an explanation of the different stages along the way. This might go a long way to assist in the understanding that the Brotherhood of Mankind in all its fascinating diversities is already a fact, based on our place and function within that larger cosmic unity.

Synthetic thinking can exist on many levels, and is not to be confused with identification. Depending on where an individual is focused, it could have an effect on higher and lower mental and astral levels as it becomes part of the evolutionary mind of the new civilization. What is required is to build the Yoga of Synthesis into our ordinary thoughts so that mass psychology is changed, as the reality of the Whole and the part that each individual plays in it becomes built into our culture.

We could remind ourselves how long it has taken the bulk of humanity to realize the reality of the global community, which effectively encourages cooperation among nations. It has not yet fully manifested, though the thoughtform of a global community exists. We can do the same by implanting the idea of our Cosmic Connections in this, the emerging New Age. Those who feel called to this task are actively practicing the Yoga of Synthesis and thus helping humanity become identified with the Whole.

After all, without an enlightened humanity, the Earth cannot fulfil our Divine Destiny. We are a vital conduit in the vast hierarchy of Being, and Humanity itself is destined to become the World Saviour on behalf of our little, yet so significant, planet.

The science of the Yoga of Synthesis is contributing to a worldwide recognition of the One Humanity into the conscious minds and hearts of all. If identifying with the Whole brings a realization of the essential unity or synthesis underlying all creation, and our part in that creation, and illustrate how vitally humanity's cooperation is may help us understand the reason we were created in the first place!