Sciences & Methods

More subsidiary studies will be developed during the exploration and particular research of the ageless wisdom.


Now the preparatory work in the last century has been done and has proved effective; it will be continued for those who need its aid, but the more advanced work can be made exoteric. This planned externalising of the teaching must go on all the time. It is the testimony of the Hierarchy that the points of crisis in the evolutionary process have accomplished their intent and have demonstrated success. These points of crisis are ever succeeded by "points of revelation" and it is with such points of revelation that we are at this time occupied.


Meditation, research & service

The method whereby we work is by using specific meditations, by pondering and contemplating on themes related to one or more of the three major sciences and through applied wisdom and service. English is the main language and the common ground for communication throughout all activities. 

The academy

Participants in the One Work are students (aspirants and disciples), servers and practitioners for a number of lives of the Wisdom Teaching. 

Inspiration & sources

Those connected with the Great White Lodge favour no Bibles or authorities - only the freedom of the human soul. The teaching matters, not the source or the form. 

Concentrate upon the far more factual realities of meaning, cause and being.

Inspirations are the works presented by the worlddisciple H.P. Blavatsky (H.P.B. one of the first working disciples to go forth on the externalisation impulse and with first ray energy driving him) gave the background of the Plan, under impression from the Master DK; and via worlddisciples/amanuenses H. Roerich and A.A. Bailey, whose trans-Himalayan Lodge Teachers are/were the Chohans M. (Morya), K.H. (Koot Hoomi) and Master D.K. (Djwhal Khul).

The academy also studies, researches and practice the more advanced works of L. Cedercrans (interpretated teaching of Master R., Master John, Master M and DK); she was also a teacher and practitionar of the Nyingma-lineage (Vajrayana Buddhism, as an extension of Mahayana Buddhism) in the Himalayan tradition.

The academy also recognizes the importance of the work of the Ashram of Mahachohan R. (Rakoczi) as Regent of Europe (and N-America) for the working out of the Plan.

The academy is because of its close relation with Europe as well supportive subjectively connected to the work of a yet publicly unkown European Master and His preparatory work related to the pan-European - Fourth Branch of the One Fundamental School in Shamballa.




The Academy of Wisdom Teaching Europe supports, is supported by and connected with several non-profit spiritual and educational trusts (for instance Lucis Trust, Arcane School New York, Geneva and London), groups and centres in Europe (Scandinavia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, France), in North-America (The Soul Awakens, the Wisdom-collaborative group in Estes Park Colorado and the Agni Yoga Society in New York) and in Canada.