The Nature of the Soul


A disciple is defined as one who has entered into awareness of himself as a Soul 

and who works in the world as such 

I stand receptive to that Love which is my Soul and Truth is made known to me


The forty lessons on the Nature of the Soul have been given during the second half of the twentieth century by the disciple Mrs. Lucille Cedercrans and are called “The Wisdom - a New Thought-form Presentation"

Realize that the material is so designed as to precipitate into you life and affairs those experiences which will aid your growth into the conscious state of awareness, the being of the soul. Each lesson carries certain energies in varying blends and frequencies and activates certain areas in your vehicles, positive and negative. As these energies speed up that process, consciously apply them, according to the instruction, wherever you are at any given point.

The nature of the Soul - series

Then you will experience that expansion of consciousness which brings you the true Soul Identification where you know you are Soul and your thoughtlife is considering the Wisdom. You also might meet problems in many ways of appearences until you have resolved it. Finally you will find the answers in the series itself and in your true Self.

When you want more guidance we can offer you support by trained teachers in the Nature of the Soul by email and/or by a virtual classroom. Get in contact with us by the contactpage.

Part I - lessons 1 - 5

Part II - lessons 6 - 10

Part III - lessons 11 - 15