Wisdom School of Synthesis



Life is loving synthesis in action.
Love (Will-to-Good) is based on realised unity and leading to expressed synthesis.



The basic Oneness underlying all forms and which the group of workers of today must immediately emphasise, is the fact of the kingdom of God, of the planetary Hierarchy.


Meditation is the instinctual mode whereby the Hierarchy - in response to the invocation from the three worlds - approaches the higher Centre, Shamballa (or Shambhala); then the Hierarchy evokes the energies, the Beings and the spiritual inflow which hierarchical service in the immediate future requires. It is also - in a unique sense - the technique whereby the Masters Themselves prepare for the sixth initiation, thus conditioning the Path of Life upon which They will eventually find Themselves and pass thence to higher cosmic undertakings.  

A study of the first (Will or Power) and second (Love-Wisdom) rays will make it clear why in humanity (and in the solar system also) these two major rays are always so closely associated, and why all esoteric schools throughout the world are predominantly expressions of these two rays. A study of the activities and the cooperative endeavours of the Chohan Morya and the Chohan Koot Hoomi may also serve to make this clearer. Their work is indispensable to each other, just as life and consciousness are mutually indispensable, and without them form is rendered valueless. So is the MahaChohan R His work of the seventh (Ceremonial Magic and that of Law and Order) ray - on a third-ray aspect position (Creative Intelligence) - inseparable with the new era and the externalisation process of the Hierarchy (the Kingdom of Souls). All these mentioned rays have a relationship to a new Yoga called Synthesis.




 Meditations & Group Dialogue & Instructions




(1) Creative & Corrective Thinking 

(2) The Soul is the Healer & Teacher

(3) The 15 Rules of White Magic & the Application in service 




(I) The Nature of the Soul

(II) Groupdiscipleship & (New) Economy

(III) Cooperative, subjective Leadership & Nucleus and Petals functions

(IV) Divine Will & Divine Plan




(I) Healing & Teaching with Pure Reason

(II) Teacher Training of the (ageless) Wisdom Part I

(II) Teacher Training of the (ageless) Wisdom Part II

(III) The Ashramic work & methods, techniques of Synthesis

(IV) The Formulas & Revelations

(V) The Secrets of the Symbols & the science of the Monad and Soul Astrology Triangles

(VI) Introductory: The Rules of Initiation & the Way into Shamballa Part I

(VII) The Rules of Initiation & the Way into Shamballa Part II

(VIII) Divine Laws Part I

(IX) Divine Laws Part II



An equivalent of a Geshe degree:

"Geshe means one who 'knows virtue, one who knows what should be practiced and what should be abandoned. As well as how to create the imprints to take rebirth in Shambhala, one of the Hierarchies and/or Ashrams"

A preparatory and very advanced program enabling a clearer understanding of the ageless Wisdom Teachings, by practicing very advanced meditation techniques, transmitted, impressed and overshadowed by senior Members or Masters of the Wisdom and with texts from the treatises via collections of chosen Old and New Commentaries. Only the disciples who have passed the first and second divisions of study and practice in this and previous lives and have been selected by their inner light-radiation are allowed to go for the Geshe or one of the degrees for Mastery. For the Geshe degree a further continued spirit(ual) life of study, meditation and practice is needed with probably two or three additional incarnations of redemptive lives according to the Masters. This study refers to 'intrinsic awareness', and refers to the method of going beyond the limitations of relative reality. It is founded upon 'the base', 'the path' or 'the method' and 'the result'.

One of the Geshe functions' is to create the monadic imprints of the One Life from the Kingdom of Monads which dwells in Shamballa. Prior to mastery, pure purpose or monadic energy cannot be contacted or known. An initiate or senior disciple therefor will be recognized as One who is functioning in direct contact with the Master on his own level as a Monadic focus. He is referred to in the teachings as a disciple on the thread or disciple one within the aura or one within his Master's Heart.



Those who want to participate when a module of the preliminary or advanced programs is offered: we start every January and September/October each year. You can participate in the module with a group of having a similar point of magnetic attainment reached within their field of service activity. Meditation is also an important part of the program. The lessons will be held once a week and lead by a qualified teacher. We have a network of professional teachers of the Wisdom trained according eastern and western traditions, some of them are trained psychologists and spiritual healers in Europe, USA and Australia. You can contact us via the contact-page.


It is very essential that the emphasis is laid on the fact that the basic school of occultism is that one, which has its root in the sacred centre of the planet, Shamballa. At that place is found the central office for the educational disciplinary training work of the Hierarchy. There will be found the Chohan, Who is directly responsible for the various endeavours, and to Whom the Masters Who take pupils, and the Heads of the various occult schools, are directly responsible.  

 No meditation that is truly and occultly suitable can be assigned by a teacher who has not the capacity of inner, causal consciousness and contact. When the teacher knows the note, the rate of vibration and the colour then he can wisely assign, but not before. The wise teacher at this time considers the situation and weighs the effect of the incoming seventh ray on the spirits of incarnation. Here, therefore, you have a third ray and its bearing to be considered in the assigning of meditation. Fortunately the Hall of Wisdom equips its graduates for this task. The Hall of Wisdom embodies the teaching which the two coming races will develop and unfold, and thus trains the disciple and the initiate. True occult meditation is as yet little understood. Those disciples, who stand ready when opportunity is offered, ought to continue steadfastly with their work even when apparently there is no inner contact. These disciples offer no strain to their first teacher (the soul) and make the most progress. Although after sincere preparations via guidance and support from a trained teacher and via contact with the ashramic grouplife the disciple enters into the field of service within the planetary Life.

The Universalia e-reader publications on this website are not prescriptive, but are suggestive and they are sometimes technical and then not as easy to read due to the style of writing and the numerous correlations suggested via parentheses. It is intended to ponder on, to prepare and to stimulate constructive and creative thinking and foster spiritual growth. Each thought may be accepted, deferred, or rejected, in whole or in part, according to the framework, perspective, values, and consciousness of the reader. Self-realization and the following of the Path of Liberation occurs not through any rational or intellectual process, but rather through the meditative quality of higher consciousness. The initiatory training offered in the Universalia school is preparatory for the more advanced stages in the Ashram.

The texts are assimilated, synthesized and compiled according to the flow of consciousness by the school-group. It is not intended for the casual reader, but for the more serious student who is willing to invest the time and attention to understand both the context and meditative impressions. Some of the publications are incidentally intended to discourage casual reading and to encourage a more deliberate-but-non-linear approach that allows and stimulates a more spiritual reading. It is what we 'understand', at the moment we read the material. The challenge is for the esotericist to read the material meditatively and intuitively rather than intellectually. In the final analysis, it is up to the reader to discern the truth, according to his or her own consciousness.


We would challenge all esotericists and advanced disciples to attempt the simple and practical approach which we will here outline on this website. We would ask them to live redemptive lives, to unfold their innate mental sensitivity, and to work continuously with the meaning which is to be found behind all individual, communal, national and world affairs. If this is done, then the light will suddenly and increasingly shine upon your ways. You can become light-bearers, knowing then that "in that light you will see Light" - and so will your fellowmen.



The purpose of Universalia - Wisdom School of Synthesis is to facilitate occult meditation processes, techniques and formulas in the self-initiated education of esotericists to become true occultists and white magicians in Purpose (Shamballa) and in Plan (Hierarchy).

Meditation is the expression of the intelligence that links Life and form, the Self and the not-Self, and in time and in the three worlds the process of this connection eventuates on the plane of mind which links the higher and the lower.


I    The first aim of Universalia - a European Wisdom School of Synthesis - is to facilitate practitioners and students - by presenting occult meditation methods, techniques and formulas - in the recognition of energy and force; to discriminate between the various types of energy, both in relation to themselves and to world affairs, and to begin to relate that which is seen and experienced to that which is unseen, conditioning and determining.

II   The second aim is: once we have mastered the Science of Redemption, we can then pass on to the Science of Life and deal with the energies which will eventually hold and use the qualified, redeemed and then principled substance and forms. It is the redemption of unprincipled substance, its creative restoration and spiritual integration, which is the goal of the higher Initiates; the fruits of Their labour will be seen in the third and final solar system. Their activity will produce a great spiritual and planetary fusion, of which the fusion of personality and soul (at a certain point upon the path of evolution) is the symbol in the microcosmic sense.

What counts on the part of the Teachers on the subjective side is how unified the group is and how radiant the group light is. Stable relationship, Unity of thought, plus diversity of method, of effort and of function and friendship in its purest sense is what is looked for. As the members of the group are able to hold each other unwaveringly in the light of love, so the group draws more closely to the Teachers on the subjective side of life and so the group can become a more useful means of planetary aid.

The Science of Redemption is in reality the applied art of esotericism and of spiritual living which is already being taught to mankind; they are steadily learning to redeem the bodies through which they function. It is in reality the art or science of relationship between the Life and the lives.

You can see by this the close relation between the work of a group of individual disciples as they redeem, salvage and purify their threefold body of manifestation and the work of the planetary Logos as He performs a similar task in connection with the "three periodical vehicles" through which He works:

His personality vehicle, His soul expression and His monadic aspect.



Those pupils and advanced souls whose work it is to make the necessary beginning must find out for themselves the method, place and manner.  All must be wrought out in the furnace of endeavour and experiment, and the price paid will be high, but only that which is thus wrought out provides the residue or nucleus upon which the further work may be based.  Mistakes matter not; nought but the fleeting personalities suffer.  What does matter is lack of aspiration, inability to attempt, and incapacity to learn the lesson that failure teaches.  When failures are regarded as valuable lessons, when a mistake is deemed but a warning signal that averts from disaster, and when no time is ever lost by a disciple in vain despair and useless self depreciation, then the watching Teachers of the race know that the work the Ego seeks to do through each expression on the lower plane goes forward as desired, and that success must inevitably eventuate.

The keynote of the new yoga - of which this school group is now in process of becoming - will be Synthesis; one of its objectives will be conscious development of the intuitive faculty. This development will fall into two categories: 

(1) first, the development of the intuition and of true spiritual perception, and 

(2) secondly, the trained utilisation of the mind as an interpreting agent.

This group which is slowly forming is gathered out of every imaginable group of thinking and intelligent man.

The Universalia groupwork is and will be mainly subjective in its origin with certain results of embodiment as a service-potential.

(a) Its members are linked telepathically, or they recognize each other through the quality of the work they are doing in the outer world and the inclusiveness of the note they sound. 

(b) It is inspired from above by the souls of its members and the Great Ones, and is energized into activity by the need of humanity itself.

(c) It is composed of living souls, working through coordinated personalities.

(d) Its symbol is a golden triangle enclosing an even armed cross with one blue-white diamond at the apex of the triangle. This symbol is never reproduced in form at all. It shines above the heads of all who are in the group and cannot be seen by everyone except a group member, and then only if - for the purposes of work - this recognition needs stimulation. The motto of the group is "The Glory Of The One". 

The graded expansions of consciousness are the result of the imparted training of occult meditation. These lead a man on from step to step till he contacts his higher self, his Master, his soul group, the First Initiator, the One Paramount Initiator, until he has contacted the Lord of his Ray and has entered into the bosom of his "Father (the Monad) Which is in Heaven".

The subjective usefulness of the present general trend towards meditation processes will bring about the capacity to be "impressed from on high" (technically understood) and to be illumined by the light of the soul.

The Monad expresses itself upon the six planes of manifestation in "wisdom, strength and beauty" through the medium of the integrated soul and personality.


I     The school acknowledges the bringing to the consciousness of men the following fundamentals:

A. The unity of Life

B. The septenary constitution of the macrocosm and the microcosm.

C. The laws governing man’s being.

D. The method of occult development.

II    The school symbolises the occult Triangle of Meditation (the emanating centre), Study (the evocative force) and Service (the magnetic centre) – expressed by its manifestation in the three lower worlds (by a fourth or distributing centre).

III   The school acknowledges the practices of Raja Yoga as the means to master the mental and buddhic (intuitive, pure reason) plane and Agni Yoga - the Yoga of Synthesis - to access the higher spiritual planes of evolution.

IV   The school acknowledges that the meditations are based upon the consideration of principal factors: 

  1. The monads

a. The (human) monads of the first (Will or Power) and second rays (Love-Wisdom) find in the incoming seventh ray a field of expression. First ray monads have a direct link with this seventh ray and seek to wield the Law through power, whilst second ray monads, being the synthetic type, guide and rule through love.

b. The monads on the minor Rays of Harmony through Conflict (fourth) and Science (fifth) respond quickly to this seventh influence. The influence of the third ray (Active Intelligence) is omitted or "occultly deflected"*, except in so far that the substance of the human monads 'brain' is automatically conditioned by the third ray which is the subconsciousness ruler of the matter.

*cause (something) to change direction by interposing.

c. The monads of the sixth Ray of Devotion find conformity more difficult, until nearing the point of synthesis. 

*Be aware of the difference between the Monad and (human) monads*.

2. The Ray of the practitioner’s Soul, or Higher Self

Each ray necessitates a different type of meditation. In this case, the ray on which a man’s causal body is found, the soul ray, should determine the type of meditation.  Each ray necessitates a different method of approach – the soul ray meditation - for the aim of all meditation is union with the divine.

3. The Ray of his Personality or Lower Self

The personality ray is ever a sub-ray of the spiritual ray and varies with greater frequency than the soul ray. With evolved souls, the personality ray may vary from life to life; each life being based on a different note and demonstrating a different colour. In this way, the causal body is more rapidly equipped. Then, the personal ray meditation balances the soul ray meditation.

4. The Karmic condition of his threefold lower nature

The three factors involved here, are the man’s point in evolution, the specific gravity of the causal body and the size and circumference of the causal body.

5. The condition of his Causal Body

Here, from the standpoint of the Higher Self, from the soul level, the relationship is considered of that Self to the Hierarchy, to surrounding souls, and to the Spirit. The Soul on its own plane, realises consciously its relationship to the Master, and seeks to transmit that consciousness to the Personality.

6. The immediate need of the period and his availabilitY

The sixth Ray of Devotion passes away and the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law enters, swinging into prominence the outstanding features and faculties of the department of force and activity. 

7. The groups, inner and outer, with which he may be affiliated 

 A man, when in incarnation, has four sets of people to consider as his group:

a. The big national group to which he belongs.

b. His family group – for the physical vehicle it provides and to work off karma.

c. The particular band of servers to which he may be affiliated. Unselfish service is the bed-rock of the life of the occultist.

d. The group or ashram to which a man belongs on the inner plane; the band of helpers to which he is assigned, or the seedgroup / ashram of which he is a part, when he is a disciple.







Living Ethics

"The Doors to Knowledge are opened wide,

but those wishing to enter can do so only by dint of their own efforts and striving.” 


According to Living Ethics, cosmos contains visible and invisible worlds. It is infinite in space and eternal in the time.

Universe is a holistic energy system. All of its parts, including the human, interact with each other in energy and information exchange, which is considered as one of the driving forces of cosmic evolution. Matter is basis of the universe, and this concept includes both its forms studied by modern science and more subtle ones, which are unknown for the science.

Multiple worlds in the cosmos are formed due to existence and development of various states of matter having different number of dimensions.

Universe is developed according to cosmic laws. Cosmic Mind takes part in its development. Earth's mankind is a part of this Cosmic Mind. Therefore, study of cosmic laws is a major task of humanity.

Living Ethics asserts: "Man is a source of knowledge and is the most powerful transformer of cosmic forces", and it is "part of the cosmic energy, part of the elements, part of Cosmic Reason, part of the consciousness of the higher matter".


Main task of the evolution is spiritualization (creation of higher forms) of matter through subtlety of its energy. The matter is spiritualized by spirit, which is subtle-matter and high-frequency energy. It occupies predominating position in the Universe and acts as foundation of cosmic creativity.

Humanity as energy structure is not only a part of cosmos, but also carries it in its inner life. This gives humanity a possibility through energy of his spirit to influence on evolutional creation of cosmos.

“…In every creation the human energies must participate as it carries the highest principles of Cosmos.”

Human is an active subject of evolution when perfecting himself, material and spiritual character, relations between people and care of the nature. Main method of such perfection is psychic energy — substantial base of all human psychic manifestations, which has universal character. In this connection H. Roerich wrote:

“All energies, all elements originate from single Primal Energy, or from single element – Fire, therefore it is said about UNITY of all, about SINGLE ORIGIN, from which the UNIVERSE arises.”

Primal Energy is inexhaustible in its reserves. Its kinds are multiform. For human it is not "good", not "evil", but human can use it for good or evil.


Living Ethics considers the influence of human's thought energy on surrounding space. This influence is determined by moral causes of human's activity and degree of its correspondence to common good idea. It may be both the positive, constructive, creative and negative, destructive, non-cultural.

“In the name of good cooperation for a new stage it is quite necessary to adopt the significance of thought. But the whole Cosmos is based on the thought! All good and all destruction are based on the thought. Thought carries life, thought gives death! When it will be learned? There is no in the Cosmos lever stronger than thought saturated by psychic energy.”

Living Ethics examines any earthly phenomenon from the point of view of interaction between spirit and matter and energy of this interaction. It allows to reveal a real sense of the phenomena and to establish its causal relationships. Man himself predetermines the main landmarks of his future life by his own thoughts, desires and actions. According to the Living Ethics, violation of cosmic laws by mankind leads it to deadlock. It threatens to break the Earth.


Living Ethics widely examines a problem of Culture as means for saving the Earth from future cataclysms. Culture is treated as self-organized spirit system, connected with subtle-energy (spiritual) component of man. According to Living Ethics, Love and Beauty arising in the space of Culture are the foundations of evolution and determine its quality. Absence of any of these foundations interrupts the cosmic evolution and leads away the process to involution. Therefore, mankind must strive for spiritual self-perfecting, extending of consciousness and creation of culture. It is important to maintain and increase cultural wealth of all the peoples of Earth.


One of the major principles of knowledge system of Living Ethics is the principle "Teacher — disciple". It is close connected with the process of extending of consciousness and mankind evolution. This principle is known as long ago as culture and philosophy of Ancient East. In Living Ethics methodology this major principle is extended up to universal scale and is considered as cosmic principle of teaching and knowledge in evolution process. Any progress of mankind is impossible without of this principle. If in ancient times the Teacher was mythological cultural hero, then in modern theory of knowledge he is one of the cosmic Hierarchs influencing on evolutional processes. This Hierarchic chain "Teacher — disciple" consists of numerous links, passing one in another and stretching in Infinity. But this chain has its earthly part — earthly Teachers and earthly disciples. The man is included in the chain of cosmic Hierarchy, without spiritual creativity of which neither cosmic evolution nor development of mankind would be impossible.


Attaching the great importance to religion in the history of human society, today Living Ethics assigns a key role to such form of cognition as science.

 “Science must reinforce the paths to higher cognition. The time has drawn near when the ancient symbols of knowledge must be transformed into scientific formulas.”

Living Ethics in its interpretation of the world and man supposes a scientific explanation of all future phenomenon of the Universe. Phenomenon not explained still by modern science surely will give scientific interpretation and its essence will be revealed in cognition process. According to Living Ethics, field of science can not be restricted by studying biological objects only. It must study the psychic and spiritual phenomenon such as soul (psyche), consciousness, thought, psychic energy, problem of immortality and meaning of life, which before were concerned to the field of religion.

"Science must find a broader way to lead to unlimited learning".

Living Ethics asserts that the science in order to perform its function must undergo sufficient changes, rejecting outdating dogmas, must become more open and more inspired. It also must become more ethical, more unprejudiced and accept various forms of knowledge. New science must use spiritual experience of human culture. It must switch over to a new level of studying of subtle phenomena, which are needed scientific explanation and scientific experiments. As the main scientific method Living Ethics proposes experimental knowledge.

“Future world, higher world will be in armor of laboratory rays. Laboratories will show on advantage of high energy and not only establish the superiority of human psychic energy over all known energies but obvious difference in its quality will be revealed. Thereby, the value of spirituality will be established in full. Technology will be subordinated to spirit, it will lead to knowledge of higher laws and hence to knowledge of higher objectives which will lead to transformation of all material nature. Transformed nature and transformed people's spirit will suggest to the best new forms for organization of whole life.”


According to Living Ethics, the major task of evolution at modern stage is the transition from animosity, confrontation and disunity to accord, unity and cooperation. Mankind must strive for equality of all peoples, independently of sex, national, racial or social distinctions. Moral principle must dominate in all fields. It is impossible to establish a just life on the Earth without eradication of imperfection and ignorance. Therefore, everyone must strive for perfection, i.e. to overcome selfishness, egoism in all its kinds, to affirm and develop selflessness and tolerability in relations between peoples. During this process the man needs to perform his duty towards the family, country and whole mankind and to act in the name of Common Good. There is no necessity to away from the world, to leave from the people, to retreat into oneself. Living Ethics asserts an active living position for every society member.


Living Ethics calls the coming epoch the Epoch of Women. Woman will come to play an increasingly important role in the process of high-culture society establishment. She must realize her cosmic predestination, restore her rights, and bring in the world the principles of love, harmony and high spirituality.

"Coming time must again give an opportunity to women be at the helm of life, place near the man, her eternal collaborator. As all greatness of Cosmos is founded on these two principles. Basis of Being is the greatness of two Principles. How it is possible belittling of one of them? All today's and future disasters and cosmic cataclysms result from one origin — belittling of women".


According to Living Ethics, major means for perfection are continuing education and work. Human needs to know the culture of the past and present, scientific achievements, to study surrounding world and himself. The work must be voluntary, creative but within one's powers. Quality of the work is of great importance. During conscious desired work, at its high quality, the human's psychic energy is developed. Mastering of this energy leads to the development of high forms of consciousness such as sense-knowledge and spiritual understanding. Its partial manifestations are intuition and illumination. Living Ethics points to the natural way for psychic energy development. This is the way of heart, love and work. At this way human must cleanse his thinking, develop sublime senses and thoughts through communion with art and permanent heart aspiration to Light.


Living Ethics is open to everyone, but is not a burden to anyone. It opposes all forms of missionary work. "The Doors to Knowledge are opened wide, but those wishing to enter can do so only by dint of their own efforts and striving.”